Who are we and what is this?

Well, we’re Luan and Emily and we’ve been having adventures together for the last seven years. In 2011 we decided to go to Paris to celebrate Luan’s 50th birthday.  For Emily it’s a return trip, for Luan the first. Friends suggested we start a blog for our Grand Parisian Adventure and so here we are!  Or nous voilá!

And what is PMH? Emily’s brother John is the master of the three letter acronym (TLA) and although there are many excellent TLAs in current use, our favorite is PMH, which stands for Present Moment Happiness. (Johnny does attribute the original phrase to Dr. Wayne Dyer so tip of the pen to him. We might also acknowledge the Buddha.) You can find PMH anywhere, anytime, under any circumstances, even when things are swirling all around you in unpredictable ways. But only if you’re paying attention.

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