Away we went

Sure the trip to Portland was wonderful. We visited family and good friends. Portland to St.Helens was lovely because you get to go through Scappoose.
But then I went to Kansas City, Mo. I’d never been there before and they hadn’t had that much snow in a millionty years. Or 50. Or something. It was beautiful, that’s for sure, but delayed departure for a day. Because a plane slid off the runway. Dumb plane. It did inspire me to make a little movie trailer though.

It so helps creativity to have good friends to travel with.
And thus is born projects that make present moment happiness last.

Things observed- it can be very cold in Kansas City, it’s good to defy the desk clerk and walk for a mile in the snow- at night- for barbecue, good friends are golden, friends who make you laugh even more so.