The season is turning a bit and I’m delighted. I love a little nip in the air, the quandary over whether to wear shorts to work or not. I do try to prolong the wearing of shorts as long as possible and now it’s not because I dress like a teenage boy, it’s because I get so warm at 50 that I welcome the ventilation.

The leaves are falling off the trees and walks almost always involve shuffling through the crunchy piles. We only have three pumpkins this year, down from 6 last year. Just wasn’t a great year for growing things. The tomatoes are okay, but not as bountiful. Of course, with a little more TLC the garden may have thrived, but it’s been a busy summer. And with what? Not much to show for it- where does the time go? The weeds grow a foot from one week to another. Or was that a month ago I was last out there? The hammock looks neglected. I don’t know how it does that, but it does. Maybe it’s just my longing for all the time I want to plant, garden, read, relax, and cook, as well as work, be politically active and aware, see friends, work on house projects and meet obligations. I think we get more passionate about the things we get involved in as we age, and that makes it much harder to give something up in order to make the time for something else. Always comes down to balance doesn’t it?

Things observed: Very little just happens, we have to put energy into it. Plants and people need care on a daily basis. There will never be enough time to do everything unless the list is pruned wisely. It’s a beautiful day. Every day. It’s easy to forget that. Doing something unexpected and nice for someone else is a really great manifestation of pmh.