A day on the range.

A full day in Virginia City started with breakfast at our b&b Edith Palmer House. Highly recommended by the way.

Not your standard bagel buffet. Then off to explore. We started at the very old cemetery.



Pretty cool. Then it was off to take a short train ride to Gold Hill with a conductor who had the corniest jokes.

Off to the Palace Saloon for some vittles and sarsparilla.

The Bucket of Blood was next and there was a great cowboy band playing. All day there were people on the street in period Western dress and all the men were carrying guns. This afternoon most of them were at the Bucket dancing.


I would say that we’re at the mouth of one of the smallest but deepest mines on the mountain. That in it’s day, this mine was counted on for cash to rebuild San Francisco after the quake. But it would all be a lie. It’s a tool shed on the property we’re staying at. But it is still pretty cool.
Tomorrow we gamble in Tahoe. Just for a change of pace.

Things observed: there is a lot of live music here, and most of it is really good. The karaoke folks, not so much. In the morning and evening, it is absolutely quiet here. No traffic, no radios, no yelling. I had forgotten what real quiet was. Must have more. Cemeteries are cool. The older the better. 100 miles is a long way to see across. There is some really tacky silver. Harleys are big. And loud. And the riders are nice. House made fudge is yummy. And there is a whole lot to see in a weekend and saying yes to a weekend away now and then should be easier to say yes to. Oh, and I love the west.