North to Seattle!

We’re packing our bags and heading north to Seattle for the American Bookseller’s Association Winter Institute 9. A place to get energized and learn more about how to do my job better. We’re both going so it should be quite fun, especially since we’ll be hanging out with my buddy Sally and her adorable Melinda for the weekend.
Expect photos and perhaps a video.
Then we’re home for a week and off to the Caribbean for much needed week on a cruise ship. Ahhh, I can feel the sun and sea air already.

Things observed: You can pack for back to back trips in very separate suitcases if you go to extreme opposite ends of the continent for each.
Housesitters are not that tough to find if you ask around.
Work multiplies just before a trip. A new camera lens makes everything sparkly and new. Well, it will once it gets here.