Sunny Day in the East Bay

It’s freaking February 9 and it’s absolutely beautiful here in Oakland. Talk about your Present Moment Happiness, I got together with a friend to simply do some art. She had her project, I had mine. It was nice to just sit for a couple of hours and be creative. I worked on a painting that I’d started a while ago and have moved it along nicely. I miss how that sort of thing aligns the brain cells in the unique way it does. Must do more.

Oh, those paints up on the header? They’re David Hockney’s paints. They’re on display at the Pompidou Museum in Paris. Anything is possible if you just get some tools and do some work.

Things noticed: I can spend quite a bit of time on a project in one sitting. I was beginning to wonder. Color is hard. Watercolor is beautiful, unless it’s muddy. And it’s easy, except most of the time when it’s not. And I need to loosen up. Really. And probably in more than painting.