Out and About

First off, let me apologize for how boring that last post was. I was not experiencing PMH when I wrote it, because I was tired. Sorry! I will try to do better today. Shouldn’t be hard, because I got taken on a driving tour by a local this afternoon. Mary Katherine first took me to a wonderful groovy cafe on a tiny street where I ordered quinoa salad and curry carrot soup and no one looked at me funny.

It was delicious. We then drove through the Bywater neighborhood and across a bridge to the Lower Ninth Ward. We first drove through the new housing created by Brad Pitt’s Make It Right project. Surrounding that, though, were empty lots and boarded up houses where residents fled and never came back.



It was really windy, and warm, and beautiful, and eerie.
After the Ninth Ward we went to the levee and stood in the wind by the Mississippi.


Then we drove through the Treme and ended up in a wonderful little book storeat the corner of Ponce de Leon Street and The Esplanade. How cool is that intersection of street names?
Everywhere, people are getting ready for Mardi Gras.

And some houses need no decoration.

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon and I got a real feeling for the city beyond the French Quarter. Thanks, Mary Katherine!


Self-guided PMH

This afternoon I ditched the booksellers and took myself on a tour of the French Quarter. Lots of pretty buildings, touristy shops, historic markers, miscellaneous museums, street musicians, and art galleries. I saw the mighty Mississippi, too. Also the courthouse, seat of the Louisiana Supreme Court and appellate court.

I wanted to go to the museum in the courthouse but they wouldn’t let me in because I had a camera with me.

The self-guided tour pamphlet said the building above was the first skyscraper in New Orleans. And of course, there was lots of this sort of thing.


On to New Orleans

On Tuesday we embark on a week-long trip to New Orleans! Well after Paris where else really?  It’s time for the American Booksellers’ Assoc. Winter Institute. Three days of educational sessions on how to be a better bookseller and store owner. Can’t wait! Photos and entries to come.